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Loan Costs

How Much Will My Payday Loan Cost?

Checking how much your handyCASH loan costs is a good idea. This means you can make sure that you borrow what you need and that the repayments are affordable for you.

The easiest way to check is to use our simple online payday loan calculator above. That way you can work out how much it will cost based on how much you borrow and how long you borrow it for.

However, it’s important that we’re completely transparent and explain how the total cost is calculated.

Establishment Fee - $45

This is a fixed fee payable on every loan which covers the expenses handyCASH incurs in processing your loan application.

As a company dedicated to exceptional customer service and as responsible lenders, we need to make sure we have trained team members to process your loan for you. $45 is how much it costs us for one of our team members to review your loan application or repeat request and make a quick decision.

Credit Fee - $8

This is a fixed fee payable on every loan which covers the expenses handyCASH incurs in getting your fast cash loan to you.

This covers our banking costs for our same day service and the team members who check the right money goes to the right person!

Interest – $1 per $100 borrowed per day

handyCASH is a business and we do need to make a profit. The interest repayment on your payday loan covers not only this but the risks we take in lending money.

Direct Debit Fee - $1.40

Each payment you make will also incur a direct debit fee. The direct debit fee is just $1.40 per direct debit.

The number of direct debits depends on your pay frequency. To make sure our loan repayments are affordable, we split them up based on how often you get paid. If you are paid weekly, you make 4 repayments; fortnightly, you make 2 repayments; and monthly, you make 1 repayment.

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Other Fees

If you pay on time, there aren’t any other fees you need to pay.

If for any reason you miss a payment, there are fees which cover our costs in recovery the money from you.

We highly recommend you avoid this but understand that sometimes things outside of your control will mean you have problems meeting your repayments.

It’s really important that if this does happen, you speak to us as we have a professional team devoted to helping you when problems crop up and minimising any additional costs involved. The sooner you talk to us, the less it will cost!

Our overdue payment costs are:

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